Yanny vs. Laurel

By now you should have heard about the audio clip in which a spoken word is perceived as “Yanny” or “Laurel” depending on the listener (I hear “Laurel”). Here is a brief video by AsapSCIENCE that concisely explains this auditory illusion and reveals which of the two words was actually recorded.

It’s a good example of how video can be used to explain the science behind a fascinating phenomenon. The creators used an electronic white board to create their video (see this post for a how-to tutorial).

Science Video: Life on Earth

See this entertaining and concise video spanning the 3.8 billion year history of life on earth.  Note the use of the virtual white board method.

Mr. President, Are You Listening?

MinutePhysics recently posted a video entitled, Open Letter to the President: Physics Education.  This video is a good example of how to use an electronic white board to create a video about science, or in this case, science education. Previously, I talked about how useful this approach can be for teaching and also provided a tutorial about how to create a video using this approach.

Check it out: