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To see a more detailed biography and a full list of my scientific publications and other contributions, visit my Professional profileResearchGate profile, Google Scholar profile, and The Wetland Foundation.

Watch my TEDx talk here:

For videos about how to be a better scientific writer, see my other YouTube channel

Here is a list of video tutorials about scientific writing and presenting:

Will Scientific Journals Accept Papers Containing AI-Generated Text?

How to Revise the First Draft of Your Scientific Paper

The Mindset of the Elite Scientific Writer

How to Set Up an ORCID ID

Can ChatGPT Write Your Next Scientific Paper?

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What I Wish I Had Known When Writing My First Scientific Paper

How to Write the Results for a Scientific Paper

Writing the Structured Scientific Abstract

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Pre-Submission Peer Reviews and Why You Need Them

Four Scientific Writing Tips That Helped Me

How to Write an Academic Book Chapter

How to Fix Bloated Scientific Writing (Prepositions)

How to Write a Review Paper

How to Write the Highlights for a Scientific Paper

Presentation Tips and Myths: Hand Wringing and Other Nervous Gestures

Key Questions to Ask About a Potential Scientific Collaboration

More Examples of How to Write the Introduction for a Scientific Paper

New Year’s Resolutions for the Scientific Writer

Eight Ways to Identify Problems with Your Scientific Paper’s Structure

Presentation Tips and Myths: I Need a Laser Pointer

Scientific Writing Tips for Non-Native Speakers of English

Deceptive Abstracts

Presentation Tips and Myths: Never Apologize for a Bad Slide

Presentation Tips and Myths: Imagine Your Audience Naked

How to Write a Scientific Paper from Start to Finish

Rise to the Occasion: How to Prepare, Design, and Deliver an Outstanding Presentation

Four Ways to Discuss Research Findings in a Scientific Paper

Avoid These Five Beginner Mistakes in Scientific Writing

How to Write a Research Prospectus

How to Stop Procrastinating and Finish Writing Your Paper

How to Design an Effective Graphical Abstract in PowerPoint

How Do I Write the Rationale for My Scientific Approach (and Where Does It Go)?

How to Make the Transition from Student Writing to Published Author

Writing Your First Scientific Paper: Getting Started

Enjoy Writing Your First Draft

How to Write a Literature Review

How to Read a Scientific Paper Efficiently and Critically

Improving Narrative Flow in a Scientific Paper

How to Write a Cover Letter for a Journal Paper Submission

Happily Ever After: How to End a Scientific Paper

What Do Journal Editors Want?

How to Develop Your Scientific Writing Voice

How to Be a Successful (and Happy) Scientist

How to Use Narrative Structure in a Scientific Paper

How to Write the Conclusions for a Scientific Paper

How to Write Clearly: Cohesion and Coherence

Active vs. Passive Voice

Dashed and Confused

How to Write an Abstract for a Scientific Article

Writing Mistakes That Will Get Your Scientific Paper Rejected-Part 1

Writing Mistakes That Will Get Your Scientific Paper Rejected-Part 2

Make Your Scientific Paper More Discoverable with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

8 Ways Your Scientific Writing Will Annoy Reviewers-Part 1

8 Ways Your Scientific Writing Will Annoy Reviewers-Part 2

How to Write a Compelling Introduction to Your Scientific Paper

Message in a Bottle: How to Write a Scientific Paper That’s Memorable

10 Scientific Writing Mistakes That Reveal You Are a Novice (or Careless)

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How to Write a Scientific Paper When You Have Negative Results

How to Respond to Critical Reviews

Put Yourself into Your Reader’s Shoes

The Secret to Becoming a Better Scientific Writer

How I Wrote a Scientific Paper in 12 Days

Writing Is Thinking

How to Prepare a Graphical Abstract for a Scientific Paper

How to Write the Discussion for a Scientific Paper

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