Using Transitions in ScreenFlow 9

During film editing, video transitions are used between clips to smooth the jump from one clip to the next. Transitions are particularly useful when you need to cut out a mistake made when filming a person speaking to the camera. In this video tutorial, I show how to use transitions in ScreenFlow 9 and go through a few examples such as:

  1. transitioning between mismatching segments of a speech.
  2. avoiding dropped audio during a transition.
  3. fading out a picture-in-picture window (showing your image) in a PowerPoint recording.

Here is the tutorial:

Teleprompter for Video App

If you want to record a video using a word-for-word script, you need to use a teleprompter or a teleprompter app. In a previous video, I showed how to use a script while recording yourself using your computer’s camera. In a new video tutorial, I show how to use a teleprompter app for iOS (Teleprompter for Video) to record a video on an iPhone. This app is nicely designed and easy to use. I briefly go through the settings to show the options available for tailoring the app to your use and also provide a few tips for using a teleprompter app.

What Do Journal Editors Want?

I just posted a new video on my scientific writing YouTube channel that looks at how journal editors decide to send out a paper for review. Some science journals send out for review less than half of papers submitted. Thus, it’s important to know how that decision is made and what an author can do to get past this first step in getting a paper accepted for publication. Here is that video:

How to Animate Text in ScreenFlow 9

In a new video tutorial, I show how to animate text so that it looks like it’s being typed onto the screen. Text animation can be used to deliver a series of facts, to repeat what’s being spoken, to clarify technical terms, or to help drive home a message. To demonstrate this technique, I use ScreenFlow 9, a video editing and screen recording application for the Mac.

How to Enhance Zoom Video and Audio Quality

Are you planning to teach a Zoom course, host a Webinar, or participate in a video interview? If so, it’s important to ensure that you make a professional impression. In this video tutorial, I show how to make a few adjustments to the video and audio settings in Zoom that will improve their quality.