Making Science Videos with Your iPad: Part 4

Much of what we do as scientists is visual, yet our traditional means of communication, scientific papers, consist mostly of text and perhaps a few figures or diagrams. What if you were able to film every step of an intricate technique you’ve developed so that others could truly replicate it and avoid mistakes?

In this series of posts, I’m describing how easy it is to use your iPad to document your work and create a visual record of an ongoing science project, a particular method, a study site, or some other aspect of your research, which you can then use to enhance lectures or to submit as supplementary material to a journal article.

In this video, I continue with instructions for using the iMovie app for the iPad to create professional-looking science videos. In this tutorial, I finish up with the audio instructions: how to add music and sound effects to your video (for best viewing, select the HD version and full-screen options (see menu bar at bottom of player window).