Making Science Videos with Your iPad: Part 1

Scientists are using video to illustrate their research and to create products that complement their traditional means of science communication (journal articles and conference presentations).  Journals are now publishing movies and animations created by authors to supplement their written articles.  Funding agencies are expecting PIs to show the broader impacts of their work by developing outreach products such as videos and podcasts in which scientists explain their research in an interesting and understandable way.  Online journals, such as JoVE, are being developed to publish peer-reviewed videos in which basic and intricate research techniques are described. 

Don’t get left behind.

Discover how easy it is to use the iMovie app for the iPad to create your own science video. You may want to make a video about a method, about a project you are starting, about your field site or research team, or to summarize the findings of a recent paper you’ve just published.

Follow along as I describe how to navigate iMovie for the iPad.  In this first tutorial, I will cover the basics of adding and manipulating video and still images (for best viewing, select the HD version and full-screen options (see menu bar at bottom of player window):

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