Are Your Science Videos Understandable by a Diverse Audience?

Scientists sometimes have difficulty explaining their work in everyday language that most people can understand.  How do you know if the language you are using in your videos or other science communication products are comprehensible by a 10th grader, for example?

Most word processing programs have an option that allows an assessment of the “readability” of the text in a document.  The science videographer can make use of this tool to check and modify the language you plan to use in your video project….essentially tailor it to a target audience.  This tutorial shows how to turn this option on and how to use it to revise a technical explanation so that it is understandable by a broader audience (for best viewing, select the HD version and full-screen options (see menu bar at bottom of player window):

View or download the entire script for the video here (click the arrow at the top of the document window for full page view):

Download (PDF, 32KB)