How to Create a Time-Lapse Video with Your Smartphone

Previously, I described how time-lapse films can be very useful to illustrate certain biological or physical processes that occur too slowly to be viewed in real time. I provided a few examples of time-lapse videos as well as a tutorial of how to create one using a series of still images captured with a camera and by editing them in a movie-editing program such as iMovie.

In this post, I want to point you to an app for mobile devices (Smartphone, Tablet) called Lapse It Pro. It can be purchased in the App Store for $1.99. You can try it out by downloading the free version (which lacks some key features, such as high resolution selection). To make this work with a Smartphone, you also need some accessories to ensure a stable platform.

In the following tutorial, I provide instructions for setting up your phone and how to use the app to capture a time-lapse series of images. The app settings allow you to easily change the frame capture rate (for example, one frame every minute). The free app will only capture images at 480 p. If you have the pro version of the app, your phone can be set to capture high resolution images (720 or 1080 p, depending on your mobile device version).

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