GoPro Hero 3+ Slow Motion Tutorial

You can shoot a lot of neat action footage with a GoPro. To create a really interesting effect in a video, you might want to slow that action down. For example, you might want to film a fast-moving animal such as a flying insect or bird but be able to slow the film down to see movements more clearly. My subject was a hummingbird, which you can see in the short clip below (footage was shot at 120 fps and slowed to play at 30 fps). If you can’t see the player window, here is the direct link.

How did I do that? Well, I’ve created a tutorial that shows how to set up a GoPro Hero 3+ (Black Edition) to capture footage at 120 fps (frames per second) and then how to convert the footage in GoPro Studio (free download) to produce a slow motion film. Here is the direct link to the tutorial in case you can’t see the player window on your device.

You can set up the GoPro to shoot at 240 fps, but you will no longer be able to shoot in HD. Anyway, I had great fun filming the hummingbird and am looking forward to using my GoPro in the future to produce slow motion action footage for my science videos.

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16 thoughts on “GoPro Hero 3+ Slow Motion Tutorial

  1. Karen,
    I just stumbled over your video of the hummingbird in flight quite by accident while doing a Google search of the same topic, “how to photograph birds in slow motion with GoPro”. You demonstration explains it very well and I find it most beneficial.
    A clear, concise presentation (which is a rarity these days)!!! Job well done!!

    • Jim, thanks for your comment. Glad the video tutorial for the GoPro was helpful. Good luck with filming hummingbirds; it’s a lot of fun!

  2. Hi Karen

    I have just seen your video on shooting slow motion with the Gopro camera and found it very useful indeed, especially because you explain the whole process, from beginning to end, with a lot of useful tips on the way. Unfortunately there are no hummingbirds where I live, but I will certainly use what I have leant to film birds at the feeders in my garden.

  3. Great tips… but one question: What’s the difference between adjusting initially in the advanced settings (frame rate) and then again in Step 2 – Video Speed? I mean, I know Step 2 – Video Speed is about customizing, but would you not also need to head back to frame rate again (or does that not change much anymore)?
    Thx 🙂

  4. Hello. I searched on Google today on how to use my Go Pro 3+ Black and record in slow motion. I wanted to film my cat drinking as he drinks extremely fast, so wanted to record that. Your tutorial was very helpful, though it seems my Go Pro can only record in 100 fps, not the 120 you suggest. I bought it in NY, but use it in the UK, so any ideas how to use 120 fps instead please?

    • You may have to change the resolution to get more options for frame rate. On the Go Pro 3+ Black at 1080p, you have the options of 24, 30, 40, and 60 fps. At 720p, the options are 60 and 120 fps. At VGA, the option is 240 fps.

  5. Super!!! I’ve been searching and searching for a simple tutorial, great job and THANKS!

  6. Hi,I have a go pro 3′ iam recording video footage,then when I plug my go pro into my lap top or TVs to play back,every 10 seconds while my footage is playing it goes into slow motion for a few seconds,any ideas on how to stop this from happening ?cheers Dan

  7. Hi Karen,

    My GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition only films 720p in 100fps? Also when I want to film in 1080p, I can only set it to 50 fps? Do you know why this is? Has it got anything to do with protune or something?

    Thank you

    • With the Hero 3+, you can film at 60 fps and 1080p or 120 fps at 720p. These settings are inherent in the model and (as far as I know) have nothing to do with Protune. If you upgrade to a Hero 4, you can film at 720 p and 240fps or 1080p and 120 fps.

  8. Thanks. Very helpful and professional being to the point and at a speed easy to follow. No excessive verbal chatter is a real plus.
    Thank you

    • Thanks for your comment. It helps to hear what viewers find helpful about my tutorials. Good luck with your videos.

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